Choco-minty Goodness

Welcome to ChocoMint!, a fanlisting for those sweet goodies we call chocolates, only this time with a touch of mint. It is listed at The Fanlistings Network under the Food/Drinks » Candy/Sweets category.

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Mint chocolates are, quite simply, chocolates added with mint flavoring (peppermint, spearmint, creme de menthe) that usually give off a minty aroma. Examples of mint chocolate brands are Andes Chocolate Mints (my most favorite) and Lindt Excellence Mint Intense. Hershey's also released their own Miniatures Mint Collection, which had 3 different kinds of chocolate mints in one bag. There's also the recently distributed Goya Dark Mint Chocolate in the Philippines, which easily became quite a big hit with the local bloggers.

1st Oct 2017

The fanlisting currently has a total of 50 listed members from 19 countries. Warmest welcome to our newest member/s, Riho.

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