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Last edited on July 2012. Reassessing my interests and reconsidering some items on my old list. My top three, however, are unlikely to change.

All fanlistings I own are granted wishlisters; however, there are still those still not in my hands. UnFortunately, they're very much well taken care of by their current owners. These fanlistings will probably never become mine, but fate is a funny thing. My top three wishlisters are very dear to me, and I think I'd pass out from happiness if I were to be given a chance to own them. If you're the current owner of any of these fanlistings and plan to adopt them out, a little note would be very much appreciated.

  • Botan

    Yu Yu Hakusho character: Botan

    What initially drew me to Botan are her unusual hair and eye colors, and they are fueled by the fact that she's a shinigami—a concept I find most interesting in the Japanese culture. Truth be told, her behavior was first met with skepticism; after all, she is a bit too cheerful and light-hearted to personify one of the things people fear: death. She's an escorter of the souls to the crossroads. I'm amazed by how she manages to still have the heart to have compassion for humans and even demons despite her being a psychopomp. She is sympathetic and cares for other people. Not much is known about her, and her mysterious character only makes me want to know more. At times, she's a "what you see is what you get" type of character, but I believe everything about her runs deeper. Her personality is what I love most about her, but that's not saying the whole package isn't to adore.

  • Botan & Kurama (Minamino Shuuichi/Youko Kurama)

    Yu Yu Hakusho relationship: Kurama & Botan

    Kurama/Botan is my OTP, and no one ever comes close. KB is the ship I sail no matter where I go, and no matter what I do. They might not have a lot of interaction in the manga and animé, but I believe that they make for a very interesting couple. They're not the complete opposite of the other; they have similarities that people tend to overlook. Their personalities complement each other, and they have what I like to call "balance." Botan is a compassionate spirit; Kurama used to be a cruel one. However, both of them value their loved ones and are willing to sacrifice their lives for others. I know they're not canon. I'd love to have every Kurama and Botan moments be a hint/evidence that there's something going on between the two, in fact. I guess I'm much too "logical" for that... but not logical enough to dispel the pairing altogether, it seems. After all, my reasons for loving KB are purely shallow, bloody fanatical, and extremely illogical.

  • Yu Yu Hakusho

    Yu Yu Hakusho animé/manga series

    Yu Yu Hakusho is probably the only manga (and animé) series I would love this much and devote the rest of my life to. I've been a gushing fan since the 1990's—even before I fell in love with Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball and all the other classics that reveal my age... although after my childhood obsession with Voltes V (good heavens, my age!)—and my love for the series, instead of diminishing over the years, have since then grown stronger and more powerful. Despite Togashi Yoshihiro's rumored laziness, he has produced this series called YYH that boasts of an extremely well-written story and wonderful humor, with a generous sprinkle of romance and friendship thrown in. Moreover, rare is it for me to love both the protagonists and antagonists in a series, but that's exactly what makes YYH so damn special. After all, everything is not always black and white. I reckon I won't ever get over my extreme love for Yu Yu Hakusho.